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Roberta Pietra has been painting portraits since she was very young. She always had a passion to travel and paints people she met around the world. If you search for a realistic reproduction in her portraits, you will not find: she is interested in painting the "anima" in a colorful and pop way. Her personal style. Her motto is "e lasciatemi divertire!" (cit. Aldo Palazzeschi) (tr. Let me have fun!)

Among those who have left an imprint on my artistic path, there is the exhibit Augen Zu (“With eyes closed’) during the period of time I shared an atelier in Cologne with the Cypriat sculptor Savvas Kyriakos.

Twelve large canvases, portraits of women who with eyes closed, dream of their ideal man, the beautiful Ridge (remember Beautiful?)

Throughout the years I have experimented with subject matter and various techniques, remaining always faithful to the figurative form. 

Covid-19 invoked me to consider portraiture with the project Lockdown’s Portrait 70 portraits in 70 days. 

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Roberta Pietra

Opera d'arte donata

Omnia Vincit Amor
40 x 30 cm
Mixed media
Valore €

Roberta Pietra

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