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"Inclusive, Generous, Sustainable Art..."

Ria Lussi was born in Milan and settled in Rome. She studied painting in Paris, poetry translation in Trieste and visual design in Urbino. She deals with preferably philosophical themes, with the intention of provoking reflection and wonder. She involves researchers, excellent craftsmen, young artists and designers in her projects. She favors open-air installations, for free! Her original cosmogony of anthropomorphic beings is absolved through precious and fragile materials such as glass, neon, silk: a metaphor for the impermanence of human life, fragile and resilient!

She is civically committed to the two major issues of gender equality and climate change. Her latest experiments focus on new research with aluminum and artificial intelligence.

Recent Exhibitions:

  • Roma 2021, Chi ha paura del rosa?, Maja Arte Contemporanea.

  • Roma 2020,  Allegoria, Mucciaccia Contemporary.

  • Roma 2018, Io sono Giordano Bruno, residenza al MACRO.

  • Roma 2017, Fragile, Mucciaccia Contemporary.

  • Urbino 2016, Mitochondria, Casa natale di Raffaello.

  • Murgia, 2016, La Bestia Trionfante.

  • Milano 2015, Lussi di Penelope, Biblioteca del Daverio.

  • Spoleto 2015, Matrix, Mater, Mother, Palazzo Collicola.

  • 2014, Emperors Of Light, 12 Imperatori di Luce per la collezione Floridi Doria Pamphilj. Genova, Spoleto, Roma, Milano.

  • Milano 2012, “Guerrieri di Luce“, Galleria Blanchaert.

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Ria Lussi

Opera d'arte donata

Hug, 2022
40 x 40 cm
Ink on silk
Valore €

Ria Lussi

Esplora più opere d'arte dello stesso artista

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