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Mixed media


A pioneering painter and visual designer, Zeitwille has exhibited at institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, created and curated a permanent art installations at the University of Heidelberg, collaborated with the United Nations on various art-focused initiatives, and co-founded the art movement "ArtedaRubare" which was featured on national tv and print News. Zeitwille started making his mark around 10 years ago combining music and visual elements as art installations in public and private spaces.

Since the beginning, his mastery of human shapes, color, composition, and geometry, as well as his minimalist approach and progressiveness, established him as a permanent exhibiting artist in the University of Heidelberg shortly after he started releasing his first complete body of work to the public. As a collaborator to international brands, Zeitwille has refined his craft and explored nontraditional mediums, all while continuing to develop his techniques outside the box of typical corporate or organizational constraints. Zeitwille’s work was featured by companies like Facebook, the Norwegian Seafood Council, and brands like Sant’Eustachio il Café in their online and offline communications. He is currently teaching a kinetic and holistic approach to figurative and abstract art in online art classes as well as working in his own creative agency. "Everyone who has seen pictures of cave paintings dating back more than 30.000 years is astonished by the simplicity of the images. Creating with less turns the creation of art more towards the mind and not the physical world."

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Benedikt Zeitwille

Opera d'arte donata

80 x 60 cm
Hand-pulled silk-screen print on 220gr collection paper – Limited edition: 1/6
Valore €

Benedikt Zeitwille

Esplora più opere d'arte dello stesso artista

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