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Pauline Lévêque

Pauline Lévêque is a French illustrator and author.

Lévêque grew up in an artistic household, scribbling on canvases and amusing herself with the tubes of oil paint stored in her father's studio. Raised in the countryside, the artist has grown to appreciate an enigmatic sense of comfort amid the furor and commotion of her favorite cities, especially those of New York, Paris, and London. Lévêque's art style emphasizes the structure and composition that constitute a city, and her technique is reminiscent of the simple lines popularized by Jean-Jacques Sempé and the delicate scratchings of Pierre Le-Tan. 

Pauline has illustrated the last six novels of bestselling French author Marc Levy; drew fifty cities for a book written by French novelist Amanda Sthers and released in October 2022; she also enjoys collaborating with clients, whether corporate or individual to create custom design books, clothes, birth and wedding announcements… 

Lévêque had a show at the “Galerie Guillaume” alongside her father in Paris for two months last fall and a special showcase at the “Philippe Labaune Gallery” in Chelsea, in New York, in December 2022.

She is at the board of Doctors of the world USA, an international health and human rights organization.

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Pauline Lévêque
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