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MAIZIANNE, a New York based abstract & figurative artist painter, originally from Brussels, Belgium. 

She studied at the Art Students League of New York City, F.I.T, Parsons, the Glassell School of Art (Texas) with 

exhibitions in New York, Houston and Toronto. 

Her work has been featured in Canadian magazines (Spotlight Magazine, Room Magazine, Le Metropolitain, l’Express) and collected privately in Canada, Dubai, Europe, and the U.S.

She paints mostly abstract women  from different racial background, sometimes genderless, where emphasis is on the eyes, “the windows to the soul”, customized family portraits (tall, slender family figures featuring parents, children, pets all engaging with one another in a specific moment in time),  dancing figures, ballerinas, musicians at work, Buddhas and abstracts.  She has illustrated children's book and CD covers (such as James Brandon Lewis and Chad Taylor with “Radiant Imprints”).

She uses acrylics,  mixed media such as sand, flowers, twigs, coffee, chalk, modelling paste, cotton wool as she loves experimenting with different material. The colors are vibrant and bright with abstract backgrounds that are usually textured.


Her paintings are the reflection and translation of her unconscious thoughts, moods, feelings.  She lets herself guide by brushes/tools/knife, forks to transform mental or real images into her own interpretation, capturing the beauty and story, while conveying an emotion. 

Maizianne wants the viewer to identify himself with these subjects and associate personal memories or feelings to what is viewed. 

Through her art, she has helped raise money for several charities.

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