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Antoine Rameau

Born in 1974, Antoine Rameau is a French artist raised between the green vineyards of Burgundy and the legendary blue seas of Brittany.

He lived in Paris, Toulouse, Glasgow and Hong Kong (for 13 years) and now settled in NYC, the city where he started collages back in 1996.

Inspired by an eclectic range of sources including comics, Pop Art, Street Art and the Recycled Art movement, Rameau started experimenting with collage early on.

He explored different techniques, from Surrealist juxtaposition to Cubist construction, and slowly developed his unique style while collecting evocative images of mixed origins and turning them into oneiric new visual worlds.

Each collage tells an elaborate story filled with multiple symbols, historical and mythological references, and often satirical messages, which viewers can interpret based on their own experiences.

His works are fully hand-made: all pictures and papers are cut, transformed, sometimes even ink painted, and glued together through a complex and meticulous “recycling” process. Rameau loves the idea of “giving old papers a true second-life” being part of a new visual creation. 

His recent creations draw from a singular combination of vintage photographs, old road books, maps and naval charts, newspapers and comics. 

Rameau's work is regularly shown in Hong Kong (KARIN WEBER GALLERY and LA GALERIE), Singapore (BRUNO GALLERY) and Paris (GALERIE SIX).

Singing Frogs

Antoine Rameau
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