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Angels Grau Bella

Àngels Grau Bella is a Catalan artist who spends her time between Barcelona, New York, and a small village located in the breathtaking Priorat, one of the most famous wine regions in Europe. This combination allows her to have the best of three worlds; it brings together the creativity and passion that her paintings demand.

Born to a family of artists, Angels Grau grew up surrounded by drawings, tapestries, and paintings that awakened a special sentiment that over time matured into her work. A graphic designer first and painter by evolution, in 2018 she decided to make the leap into becoming a full-time artist. Nothing has deterred her since. A large-format painter, she likes to define herself as self-taught. She does not focus on one work of art but rather experiments, and jumps around, enjoying the challenge. The boundaries of the surfaces of her artworks are misleading, especially in recent works that seek to expand and take over the space. The artist jumps between her different series, staying true to the emotions she experiences at the time.

“I sign my works on the back to give freedom to interpretation. I like them to be lived. Even hanging it upside down.”

Invisible Women

Angels Grau Bella
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