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Sagoo MBE

b. 1975, Leeds UK, lives and works in London since 1996

Donated Artwork

Welcome to a city of the future, a testament to human innovation and resilience in the face of the climate crisis. This city has harnessed the power of AI and robotics to not only survive but thrive in an environmentally challenged world.

This future city exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of humanity, technology, and the changing environment. It is a testament to our adaptability and determination, offering a glimpse into a stronger, more resilient future generation. In the face of adversity, this city has not just survived; it has thrived, setting a shining example for others to follow.

The Climatic City
Signed original print with unique ink additions
92 x 53 cm
Auction Estimate:
4,000-8,000 GBP
About the Artist

Narinder Sagoo is a visionary architectural artist and Senior Partner at Foster + Partners. With over 27 years of experience working alongside Lord Foster, Narinder's unique drawing skills have been instrumental in illustrating and communicating architectural visions for numerous projects, including The Great Court at the British Museum, Wembley National Stadium, and Apple Park in California. His unique role as an architect and artist brings value to conceptual design and strategic design direction.
Renowned for his perspective drawings, Narinder has produced over 15,000 illustrations for more than 2,200 architectural projects, many of which have gained international recognition. His ability to visualise the built world and capture its atmosphere has earned him recognition as one of the finest architectural artists of his generation, according to The Architecture Club.
Narinder's commitment to education and community service extends to speaking engagements at schools, where he shares insights into creativity, drawing, and communicating the built environment. As an External Examiner at the Bartlett School of Architecture and a member of the RIBA Validation panel in 2008, he continues to contribute to the architectural education landscape.


Narinder Sagoo, Senior Partner and Art Director at Foster + Partners has been recognised in His Majesty, King Charles III, Birthday Honours List. The list acknowledges the outstanding accomplishments and service of extraordinary people across the United Kingdom. Narinder has been awarded an MBE in recognition for his exceptional contribution to charity.

Narinder also designed the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, which was presented to President Barack Obama by Save the Children.

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