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b. 1973, lives and works in Paris

Donated Artwork

Since 2015, Marie Maillard has been activating virtual works in locations of her choice: the Palais Grimani, the Palais Grassi, the Palais Garnier, and most recently, on the occasion of Paris+ by Art Basel, the Petit Palais.
The photograph "UNIT 1709" presented here is a work that was activated in augmented reality in 2017 at the Louvre Museum (note: augmented reality is still active on-site through the Marie Maillard application). More than just a base, the pattern on the floor becomes the very matrix of a virtual sculpture that emerges from the ground to generate a virtual sculpture with endless compositions. The image overlays reality and aesthetically requalifies it, giving us a sense of endless perspectives of a given work or scene.

UNIT 1709
Metallic Prestige Digital Print
50 x 30 cm
Edition 1/3
Auction Estimate:
1,000-2,000 GBP
About the Artist

Marie Maillard is a French artist whose work resides at the intersection of art, design, and architecture, spanning across time, worlds, and scales.
Her creations are founded on the use of innovative technologies and immersion in augmented spaces that challenge our relationship with reality and the present.
Since 2015, she has been invited to cultural venues of her choice, where she activates augmented reality (AR) sculptures that emerge from the ground, giving rise to compositions of infinite possibilities. In these layers of images or duplications of objects, our references become unsteady. This prompts reflection on the physical boundaries of our surroundings, our memory, and our future, at a time when the virtual has never seemed more present in our lives.
Her work has been exhibited in France and abroad, both as part of events or solo and group exhibitions, at venues such as the Palais de Tokyo, la Maison Rouge, Fondation Ricard, Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris, the French Institute Alliance Française, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Busan Biennale in South Korea, and the NEST Art Center in The Hague.
Her latest solo exhibition, in 2021, was a carte blanche at Villa Cavrois.

Collections & Exhibitions

Selected solo exhibitions:

​2023 "Unit 2301", Grrranit, Belfort, France
2021 "Unit 2105", Villa Cavrois, Croix, France
2019 "Unit 1910”, hacked space, Palais Garnier, Paris, France
2018 "Unit 1805”, hacked space, Palazzo Grassi, Venice, France
2017 "Unit 1709”, hacked space, Musée du Louvre, Paris, France
2015 "Unit 1505", hacked space, Palazzo Grimani, Venice, Italy
2012 "Paysages", Un cabinet d’amateur, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 "Wall 0909", Luxe Gallery, New York, United States
2009 "Wall 1006", Crossing the Line 2009, FIAF, New York, United States
2008 "Wall 0208", Maison Rouge, Paris, France
2007 "Wall 0407", Luxe Gallery, New York, United States
2007 "Marie Maillard", Galerie Aline Vidal, Paris, France

Selected group exhibitions:

​2023 «L'eau et le Diamant», (curated by Lauranne Germond), 17, cours Valmy, Puteaux, France
2021 «Continuum in Digitage», (curated by Géraldine Postel), Galerie Iconoclastes, Paris, France
2021 «Qi», Forêt de Fontainebleau, ByVolta, Wiiild projects, Galerie Odile Ouizeman, France
2019 «Blind bazaar », (curated by Samuel Boutruche), Contemporay Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
2018 «Morceaux choisis », Galerie Budenberg, Paris, France
2017 «Surfaces Sans Cible / After photography», (curator Anaïd Demir), Paris, France
2016 "Shots of architecture", (curator Gregory Lang), Spazio Ridotto, Venice, Italy
2014 "Le Musée passager", Saint Denis, Evry, Mantes-la-Jolie
2013 "Under the Volcano", Nara (curator: Anissa Touati), Japan
2011 Parcours Saint Germain, Paris, France

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