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b. 1974, Paris, France, lives and works between New York and Paris

Donated Artwork

This series is part of a new large-scale site-specific fresco project funded by a major art collection combining the predominant Minoan icons: the Octopus and the sacred Minotaur.
“Taurokathapsia” is a playful and poetic exploration of the Minoan matriarchal civilisation, a sculptural and pictorial journey reflecting on the fallen empire, its visual remains, atypical symbols, and its past and present conceptual strength.
“Taurokhatapsia”reflects the poetics of the lost empire. It unfolds in six minimal, large-scale frescoes and numerous drawings in which the octopus, a graceful bearer of Minoan economic and political power is interwoven with the more architectural and abstract horns of the Minotaur , an imposing keystone of the Palace of Knossos.

Taurokathapsia, K and Mala, Large Sketch #1 , 2023.
Ink, and Compressed Chacoal on Heavyweight Paper
14 x 20 cm
Auction Estimate:
500-800 GBP
About the Artist

Amélie Chabannes is an artist who works in drawing, painting and animated film. She studied architecture and fine arts at France's leading art school, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.
Chabannes has recently worked as the lead artist on the PBS American Masters animated film series Unladylike2020 Season 1, 26 first episodes about diverse and little known historical American heroines as well as its recent franchised developments. Chabannes is now producing animations for an upcoming film series and a feature-length film. She is also working on a new drawing and sculpture project funded by two major private art collections (France, Belgium).
In her paintings and sculptures, Chabannes explores various representations of identity in philosophy, psychology, and art history. Following her project "Double Portraits and the Fourth Hand" (2012-2016), which explored the intersection of gender in artist collaborations, Chabannes was commissioned to draw and paint all original portraits and artworks for UNLADYLIKE2020, a timeless and resourceful collection of women's history in the United States from the early years of feminism. She also served as art director for this award-winning animated documentary series, which premiered on PBS's flagship biography program American Masters with 26 digital shorts and an hour-long television program about diverse and little-known historic American heroines and the women who follow in their footsteps today, in honor of the centennial of women's suffrage. UNLADYLIKE2020 has reached over 7 million viewers to date.

Collections & Exhibitions

Amélie Chabannes’ work has been exhibited in international venues including

The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art (Ridgefield, Connecticut),
The Gasthuismuseum (Geel, Belgium; curated by Jan Hoet),
NADA Sculpture special exhibition (Miami, Florida),
Galerie Berthet Aittouares (Paris, Fance)
Kunsthalle am Hamburger Plaz (Berlin, Germany)
Galerie Hussenot (Paris, France),
Stephan Stoyanov Gallery (New York, NY),
Syracuse University Art Center - The Red House (Syracuse, New York),
Galeria Fernando Zubillaga (Caracas, Venezuela)
S.E gallery (Bergen, Norway)
White Box (new York NY)
Galerie of Marseille (Marseille, France)
Museo Frantz Mayer (Mexico City, Mexico)
Drawing Now (Louvre, Paris).

Amélie Chabannes was awarded the International Center Award of Excellence for Fine Arts (New York, NY) along with artist Yoshitomo Nara, a Pollock Krasner Grant, and a grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

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