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b. 1972, lives and works in London


Donated Artwork

In Anderson’s practice, the technological objects memorised on the canvas with paint are then assembled and ‘crystallised’ with copper coloured wire to become sculptures.

Anderson speaks of crystallisation or memorisation to describe the gesture of encircling an object with wire. As she dialogues with the object, Anderson weaves, memorises and crystallises the relationship with it.

These machines, recycled and erected as “Spiritual Machines”, bear their name in reference to the book “The Age of the Spiritual Machines” published in 1999 by artificial intelligence pioneer, Ray Kurzweil.

Sacred deities embody an ecological awareness and bear witness to our Anthropocene era.

Spiritual Machines - Statuette 21
Internet box, eco friendly copper coloured wire
35 x 18 cm
Auction Estimate:
6,000-10,000 GBP


About the Artist

For fifteen years, Anderson has been performing using the intelligence of the body by dancing « with » objects and spaces. In these intuitive « Technological Dances » the performer reactivates the strong link between the human and the nonhuman. Throughout this process lies the creation of paintings and sculptures, that « memorise » the objects and places of our anthropocene era.

Anderson’s technological objects are first « memorised » on the canvas through paint, revealing spectral traces as fossils or cave-paintings. Objects are then assembled as sculptures and crystallised by an eco-copper coloured wire, symbolising neuronal and technological connections. Materialised as « Spiritual Machines » these female presences of another dimension embody an ecological awareness.

Conducting research on the behaviour of atoms and on animism, Alice Anderson meet members of the Kogis community in the Sierra Nevada in Colombia. The meaning of their weaving rituals, their ecological fights and the confirmation of the interconnectedness of all « beings », have forged the artist's way of thinking about the evolution of artificial intelligence that transforms the earth, society and the body.

Collections & Exhibitions

Spiritual Urgency, Stedelijk Museum, Netherland (2022)
A Worlds of Networks, Centre Pompidou Paris (2022)
Female Power Figures, Musée of Modern Art Fontevraud (2021)
Biophilia, König Berlin, Germany (2021)
Prix Marcel Duchamp Nominees, Centre Pompidou Paris (2020)
Paintingscultures, Atelier Calder Saché (2019)
Body Itineraries, La Patinoire Royale, Brussels (2018)
Lift, Royal Academy of Arts London (2017)
181 Kilometres, Saatchi Gallery London (2016)
Data Space, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton Paris (2015)
Memory Movement Memory Objects, Wellcome Collection London (2014)
Permanent Sculpture, Palais des Italiens Paris (2013)
Albums, Whitechapel Gallery London (2012)

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