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Sophie Lechanoine

Sophie Lechanoine is a French “photographer traveler” who has been passionate about photography for the past 30 years.

She has traveled all over the world, including three years from 1997-2000 sailing from France to the Caribbean islands, Florida, and Panama, then through the Pacific Ocean to Polynesia, New Zealand, Easter Island, and Chile. In 2004, Sophie went on another world tour, backpacking this time, to discover India, Asia, Oceania, and America.

Sophie settled in Tokyo, Japan in 2013. Step by step, she fine-tuned her unique style with “Natur’Art Photo”, inspired by nature and the impact of time.

In her collages, Sophie likes to combine details of materials alongside details of architecture or objects with her own story. Her signature lies in her ability to create a harmony through the mixing of these materials, which in reality never have a chance to co-exist.

Sophie’s aspiration is to share a feeling, an emotion, and an impression. She opens up a new world and a new vision for the “spectator” so that they can create their own story.

Her passion for beauty, graphic design, the impact of time, combined with a unique sense of observation and of details, cultural differences, and moments, make her compositions of Natur’Art Photo absolutely unique, colorful, and meaningful. In one word: Beauty - Full !


« Colorful New York »

50 x 70 cm


Tirage numérique encadré

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